New Outlook Second Chance Inc


Diagnostic Assessment Program

Diagnostic Assessment is an intensive clinical and functional face to face evaluation of a consumers mental health, developmental disability, or substance abuse condition that determines whether the consumer meets target population criteria and includes an order for Enhanced Benefit services that provide the basis for the development of an inital Person Centered Plan.

HIV/AIDS Case Management

This Involves identifying and assessing consumers needs for specific health, psychological and social services by coordinating appropriate services that will address those needs.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient

Provides structured individual and group treatment services. These services are provided in an outpatient setting designed to assist adults or adolescent with a primary substance-related diagnosis begin recovery, and learn skills for recovery maintenance. SAIOP includes arranging, linking, and/or integrating multiple services according to the consumers needs.

Outpatient Behaviorah Health Services (OPT)

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services include assessment, treatment, individual medical evaluation and managment, including medication management, individual and group therapy, behavioral health counseling, family therapy and psychological testing for recipients of all ages. 

NOSC Staff

All staff are trained in accordance with guidelines recommended by the state of NC in all aspects of the services provided by New Outlook....Second Chance, Inc

 •Motivating Interviewing   •Cognitive Behavioral Therapy    •Illness Management and Recovery •First Aid/CPR- Adult & Child • North Carolina Interventions (NCI) • Client Specific Population • Documentation
• HIPAA  • Confidentiality• Client Rights  •Crisis Response  • Service Definition Training